Our Projects

Have a look at some of our recent installations below.

Double Your Enjoyment

When you have spectacular views like this, of course you want to be able to enjoy alfresco living on your balcony.

With the help of these dually installed Luxaflex Venture Awnings, not only have our clients expanded their living space comfortably to the outdoors, but they are now protecting their interiors too and keeping their home cooler.

Easy to manoeuvre with motorisation, these awnings have made life a little more relaxing and enjoyable for our clients and their family.

If you want expansive protection to enjoy your expansive views, talk to our team about the many beautiful and functional options available with awnings.


Bathroom Beauty

Window treatments in your bathroom have to be durable to moisture, provide adequate privacy and be able to be manoeuvred to allow air and light through at times. When it comes to meeting all these requirements, without question, there is no better option than Luxaflex Polysatin Shutters. 

They are guaranteed not to blister or peel for 20 years and are so simple to clean. Easy to open and close to allow for light, air and privacy when you need it, they are also super chic, giving your bathroom an instant Hampton's update.

Talk to us about these great shutters for your own bathroom.


Modern Meets Traditional

Our client's lovely little cottage and wrap around verandah was in need of some sun and heat protection in order for them to be able to make full use of it.  However, they did not want to lose sight of their stunning views.

Luxaflex Evo Awnings provided the perfect solution.  Installed with a see-through sunscreen fabric in a perfectly coordinated cream colour, the result is a seamless finish that fits perfectly with the style of their home. Who'd have thought the finish would be so beautiful?

Talk to us about solutions for your verandah.


Sky High Solution

Skylights are a modern architectural wonder that permit light into otherwise dark areas of your home. The only problem is that, at certain times of the day or year, they can really heat up your home or allow too much heat to dissipate through the glass windows.

Luxaflex Duette Shades are a great complementary window treatment to sky lights.  Their patented honeycomb structure have insulating qualities that keep your room cool or warm when you need it.  With motorisation, they are so easy to open when you do want the extra light and they come in a beautiful range of fabrics and colours.

Got skylights?  Talk to us.


Forsaken Front Room?

Street facing rooms can be a problem when it comes to maintaining privacy whilst also balancing light into your home and can often become dead space in the home. 

With Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers, it doesn't have to be the case.  We installed these luxurious sheer blinds for the outward facing windows of our client's lounge room.  They now enjoy the the use of the room without feeling like they are on show to the neighbourhood.  The sheers have also given the room a fabulous facelift.

Talk to us if you have privacy concerns in rooms of your home.


Enhanced Entertainment Area

We helped update our client's outdoor entertaining area with these Luxaflex Exterior Shutters.  Easy to open and close, these shutters allow privacy from the neighbours and protection from the elements when you need it.

On a warm day, simply open them up to catch the cool breeze.  Perfect for enclosed barbeque areas, the shutters are durable but look great as well.

If you have an outdoor area, we have many options to meet your parameters.


Formal Floral Finish

There is nothing quite like curtains for your windows when you want to create high end impact.  Our client's ornate style were perfectly complemented with these fully lined and triple pleated curtains in a beautiful floral fabric.

Being 3-pass blackout, the lining adds depth and luxurious volume to the look of the curtains, but also provides complete light blockout and insulation when you need it.

We stock fabrics from the premier textile houses in Australia and beyond.  Talk to us about finishing your room with luxurious curtains.



Brooke Street Pier

It is always great to be a part of an innovative project such as the floating Brooke Street Pier.  We were commissioned to provide awnings that were effective in keeping commuters cool and comfortable from the glare.  The architects also wanted a seamless finish that suited the style of the structure.

Luxaflex Evo Awnings were the perfect solution and in total fitted 18 of them with full motorisation connected to Somfy Motor Controllers. This enables the awnings to be open and closed at the touch of a button.

If you've got a big project, we've got the experience.  



Not Just For Windows

The fabulous Sharkra Spa in Hobart are the first in Tasmania to open an LED Lounge and so the salon had a privacy requirement in order to ensure the comfort of their clients.

We installed these automated Luxaflex Roller Blinds that are so easy to operate.  They can simply be brought up and down as required by the simple touch of a button.

Roller blinds are better than room dividers, as they are discreet and out of the way when you don't need them.  Talk to us if you have room segmenting requirements.